Safety: Building Relationships, Targeting Safety

Aiming for the Highest Standards: Safety & Success

Safety & Training Team

Kenneth P. Jackson
Director of Health & Safety

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Jeffrey R. Masters
Safety and Training Coordinator

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Flint Brann
Safety Coordinator

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Only by managing Safety at every level of the organization along with productivity and quality, does DDS believe companies can be successful.

At The DDS Companies, safety comes first, with our customers and our employees. Concern for Health, Safety and Environment is more than simply a standard operating procedure at DDS – it is the foundation of how we work in the field, on our construction sites, and in our office. Our Health, Safety and Environment programs reinforce a key element of our operation – that the protection of our employees, clients, subcontractors and the environment is essential. Our business practices, operations, and projects all reflect a deep commitment to protecting people and the environment.

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Pre-Physical Training Videos

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Oversize/Overweight Load Vehicle Escort

In the construction business big trucks have to move big equipment.

Some of that equipment is so large that an Oversize/Overweight Permit and a Certified Oversize Load Vehicle Escort are required to ensure the safety of the public and the roads and bridges. Three members of The DDS Companies' Safety team are certified by New York State’s Department of Motor Vehicles to act as Escorts for Oversized Loads. The Safety Team works with Dispatcher and Truck Drivers to map the route of the equipment move and get the required permits. Then the Escorts travel with the truck and load to ensure the safe delivery of the load.